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EMS Division

PGFPD provides advanced life support ambulance service 24/7 365 days a year out of both our Platteville and Gilcrest fire stations. Each ambulance is staffed with at least one State and Nationally Registered Paramedic and either a Firefighter/EMT or a second certified Paramedic. Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art life sustaining and lifesaving equipment and supplies to include:

May contain: person, human, clothing, and apparel
Video intubation
  • Cardiac monitors capable of obtaining a 4 and 12 lead EKG, defibrillation, and external cardiac transcutaneous pacing.
  • Video laryngoscope and various advanced and basic airway adjuncts
  • Mechanical CPR device
  • Power gurney and load system
  • Cardiac, respiratory, anti-nausea, opioid overdose reversal, pain management, allergic reaction and anaphylaxis, anti-seizure, anxiety, low blood sugar, and sedation medications
  • Intravenous and intraosseous access
  • Trauma and splinting supplies and equipment
  • Ballistic gear and helmet
  • Water rescue gear
  • Firefighter irons and SCBA

Our engine and truck are staffed with firefighter/EMTs certified at the State and National Registry level and are equipped with basic life support equipment in addition to firefighter and technical rescue gear to include:

  • AED
  • Intravenous and intraosseous access plus medications to treat asthma, anti-nausea, opioid overdose reversal, low blood sugar, chest pain, and oxygen
  • Airway adjuncts to assist with providing ventilations
  • Trauma and splinting supplies and equipment
  • Mechanical CPR device
  • Ballistic gear and helmet
May contain: first aid, medical kit
ALS medication kit
May contain: medical equipment, shelf
Engine EMS equipment
medical supplies in medical bag
BLS medical bag
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