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Ambulance Billing FAQ's

May contain: Firefighter and paramedic in front of ambulance

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ambulance Billing

How does ambulance billing work for District residents?

We will not bill for ambulance transport services for District residents. We will bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, but will not bill the resident for the remainder of the bill not covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

You may get what looks like a bill, however, the 3rd party billing service that we use is reaching out to you to obtain any medical insurance you may have. Please provide the medical insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid information to them and advise them that you are a District resident.

I am a District resident, but do not have insurance, will I get billed?

No. Regardless of your insurance or lack of insurance, District residents are not responsible for the ambulance bill. If you are contacted by the 3rd party billing service for medical insurance information and you do not have insurance, please advise them of your status as a District resident and that you do not currently have insurance.

How does ambulance billing work for non-District residents?

Non-District residents will be billed for transport services rendered. Non-residents will be responsible for the remainder of the cost that insurance or Medicare does not cover.

What if I get a bill?

If you are a District resident and receive a bill, please contact our District office and we will assist you with taking care of the bill with our billing service.

My insurance sent me a check, what do I do with it?

Please mail your check to either the 3rd party billing service or the Fire District office. You can also drop the check off to the Fire District office during business hours.

Why am I being asked for auto insurance information?

If you were involved in a vehicle collision, your auto insurance takes primary care of your medical bills, then secondarily, your medical insurance may cover their portion.

If I do not go to the hospital by ambulance, will my insurance get billed?

No, we only bill insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or non-District residents that we transport to the hospital. If you do not go to the hospital with us, we will not bill.

Why do we bill insurance if we pay taxes?

The cost of staffing and supplying an ambulance for 24/7/365 service is costly. Tax revenue pays for a significant amount of our service; however, we use the insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid payments to help cover supplies and equipment used on responses.

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